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Four Generations in Rose Hill

The Historic Polecat Creek Bridge in the background is an arch bridge built of Kansas limestone crossing the Polecat Creek south of Rose Hill.

About Us

Debbie and I have been married 45 years and except for our military travels have always called Rose Hill our home. 

Starting in the summer of 1969, we met in the Rose Hill Cafe located in downtown Rose Hill, Kansas, population less than 400. 

That cafe was a central place for the kids and grownups alike to congregate and where lots of great memories and relationships were made. 

For Debbie and I, our relationship grew into a lifelong commitment when we were married in 1972.

Our family has expanded over the years to include 10 grand-kids (some of them not kids anymore) and we couldn't be happier or more proud of all of them.

We chose to raise our family here, and now we've had 3 generations to graduate from Rose Hill High School, we have grandchildren still attending Rose Hill High School and our 4th generation great grandson is attending Wee Rockets   

As a lifetime resident and a graduate of Rose Hill High School, I was blessed to have lived here in simpler times. 

I was able to experience those days, and I've known several of our past city leaders. 

I will be proud to carry on their legacy by continuing to do my part at making our community better.

I look forward to adding my name to the list of mayors at City Hall.