My Pledge to the Citizens

Participatory, Transparent and Effective Government

Over the last few years, the residents of Rose Hill have not been allowed reasonable involvement in our city’s government operations.  

Looking at our current situation and how we arrived here, I promise a new beginning that will start with respect and courtesy for all residents and recognition of their concerns.  

While this will require hard work and dedication, as a retiree, I am willing to fully devote myself to our city and will immediately re-establish the Mayor’s office in City Hall. An office in City Hall will allow me to reach-out to residents and hear their concerns on a one-to-one basis.  

There will be no more closed-door meetings, no more decisions rehearsed and agreed upon before our council reviews them, and certainly no more sneaky spending decisions made without proper review and open council discussion and input.  

My promise is simple and straight forward. When our city spends money (your hard-earned tax dollars) or makes significant decisions, the citizens of Rose Hill need to know and be allowed to offer their input. 

I pledge to provide our residents, our city employees, and our city council with participatory, transparent, and effective government leadership. 


Steve Huckaby, Candidate for Mayor of Rose Hill