A New Beginning

A People's City Hall

It is with great pride that I announce that I am a candidate for Mayor of Rose Hill in this years election.

I’m running for Mayor because I’ve seen a big change in the general attitude of the people around Rose Hill and I hear their complaints. 

It’s no secret that City Hall desperately needs a new transformation of leadership and I’ve seen the lack of respect the current administration has for the citizens. 

With 3 different mayors since the 2013 election, our citizens have the right to be very concerned. 

I will give my full support to the citizens and as mayor, I will make sure the citizens are treated right.  

I would be honored to have your support and ask for your vote in the upcoming election on November 7th in Rose Hill.   

I can. I will. End of Story

First Day

  • I will return the Mayor’s office to City Hall
  • I will restore the physical responsibility of the Mayor being available
  • I will listen to the people with open ears
  • I will re-establish citizen involvement at city council meetings
  • I will reinstate full staff support at city council meetings
  • I will remove the restrictions of council discussions
  • I will end all closed door decisions
  • I will not tolerate any more disrespect to citizens     


  • I will be an advocate for the citizens
  • I will be a vital communications link between the citizens and the city
  • I will use my people skills to bring people together toward common goals and unity
  • I will reach out to the citizens of Rose Hill for input with improving our financial state
  • I will use my experience, know-how and overall connection with the citizens to manage our city in the right direction
  • I will support and work with the council to assemble a committee for the purpose of developing strategies for rebuilding our poor credit rating
  • I will strive to build a new rapport and network with our neighboring cities and mend the burnt bridges