A New Beginning

A People's City Hall

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I announce my candidacy for Mayor of Rose Hill in this year's general election. Rose Hill residents need and deserve a leader who will bring the citizens voice back to city hall. 

I believe in government transparency, where citizens can voice their opinions more actively and effectively. Transparent governments with active and informed citizens produce better government, plain and simple. 

Anyone who has been attending our city council meetings regularly is well aware that over the last few years there has been no transparency and very little respect for the citizens at our city hall.

I regularly attend our city council meetings, and constantly witness the council approving ordinances, resolutions and other new or old business without even short discussion or citizen input.

  • Decisions are made behind closed doors prior to council meetings
  • Citizens are not included in spending or budget issues
  • Citizens are not allowed to ask questions at council meetings
  • Restrictions are placed on council discussions
  • Workshops almost never exist
  • Minutes of the meetings are abbreviated with minimum details 

We have only one elected official left on the council. The current mayor and four of the five council members are all appointed officials without having earned a single vote from the community, and they appear to have forgotten who they represent.

It’s time to bring the citizens back into focus. It’s time for a new beginning that start’s with respect and courtesy for all residents and recognition of their concerns. It’s time for open effective leadership.


If elected mayor of Rose Hill, I pledge a participatory, transparent and effective government and I will make sure the citizens are treated right. 

I would like to ask for your vote and would be honored to have your support in this year's general election on November 7   

I can. I will. End of Story

Immediately as Mayor

  • Re-establish the Mayor’s office in City Hall
  • Restore the physical responsibility of the Mayor being available 
  • Won't tolerate any disrespect to the citizens
  • End all closed door decisions     
  • Remove restrictions placed on council discussions
  • Reinstate full staff support at city council meetings
  • Encourage participation
  • Listen to the people


  • An advocate for the citizens
  • A vital communications link between the citizens and the city
  • Use my people skills to bring people together toward common goals and unity
  • Support and work with the council to assemble a committee for the purpose of developing strategies for rebuilding our poor credit rating
  • Reach out to the citizens of Rose Hill for input with improving our financial state
  • Strive to build a new rapport and network with our neighboring cities and mend the burnt bridges 
  • Use my experience, know-how and overall connection with the citizens to manage our city in the right direction

Bottom Line...

With only one “voter elected” official out of the six currently serving and three different mayors since 2013, it’s no secret City Hall desperately needs a transformation of leadership. Our citizens need to be represented by those who they elect at the ballot box, not appointees. My friends, there is reason to be concerned.